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What is E.S.G. Solutions up to these days?

  • GRESB advisory

    We are supporting leading global investment management platforms and business builders in logistics, real estate, infrastructure, finance and related technologies, who develop and/or manage assets, to unlock integrated value for their Clients and investors and improve their sustainability credentials over time through peers benchmarking.
  • ESG data management and reporting

    We are assisting private Clients and local authorities with their ESG data collation, consolidating their fragmented reporting, helping in the management of environmental risks, allowing resource minimisation which results in cost reduction and enhanced resilience for their organisations.
  • Asset-level ESG audit reviews

    We are designing and delivering rolling programmes of bespoke reviews of the sustainability and ESG credentials of real assets, on behalf of Clients who need fully-customised assessments of their portfolios to build a baseline and improve them over time without the need to go through full certification.
  • BREEAM In-Use certification

    We are evaluating the sustainability credentials of existing residential and non-domestic assets for Clients who are interested in a value-for-money third party certification which increases property value and recognition, helps improve well-being, supports a circular economy, bridges the performance gap and leads the way to Net-Zero Carbon.
  • Net-Zero Carbon strategy and implementation

    We are developing for a building complex and several real estate domestic and non-domestic portfolios a strategy to become Net-Zero Carbon (NZC) within the next few decades (Scope 1&2 operational carbon only). The services includes the preliminary analysis of ESG data, a step-by-step pathway to NZC and the disclosure tasks involved.
  • ESOS mandatory energy audits

    We are helping large enterprises, who exceed 250 staff or €50 million turnover and €43 million total balance sheet, comply with their Article 8 Energy Efficiency Directive obligations in each of the 27 EU Member States plus the UK, uncovering carbon saving opportunities and ensuring that compliance is comfortably met by the deadlines.
  • Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

    We are helping the finance directors of UK quoted companies and large unquoted firms with 250+ staff and/or exceeding £36 million of turnover and/or £18 million of balance sheet total prepare energy and carbon information for their Directors' Reports due nine months after the end of their financial year.
  • EPC and MEES advisory

    With regulations tightening in the UK around the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES), landlords and asset managers who cannot lawfully rent out their properties are asking us for technical and strategic support with those Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) whose Asset Rating is below expectations, before they become stranded assets.