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October 2020

I believe that it all started with a dream.

One of those after which I wake up smiling and full of positive energy, really inspired to get up from my bed and crack on with the challenges that the new day is holding for me. It may not have been a bed, now that I think of it…more likely a sofa-bed and more precisely somebody else’s sofa-bed. I used to have those dreams a lot while couch-surfing in Sevilla, in the magnificent Firenze, in my adored London. Before I was a dad and well before my white collar’s days.

I believe this wasn’t coincidence: being continuously surrounded by enthusiastic Erasmus students, everybody with a different background and all of us hosted by a city which (still) wasn’t ours, we were simply trusting each other while feeding our souls, night and day, with the most genuine and audacious dreams, hopes and ambitions of all. And our guts felt just like we were doing the right thing. Well, al least most of the times anyway…we were young after all!

All of the sudden I realised how much I have been craving for that feeling, that drive that pushes you to make a positive impact in life, that self-awareness that every single step that you are making – never mind how small – is closing the gap between you and the best version of yourself, the one that you strive to reach when you are a kid.

And then everything became clear in front of me, like a blurred vision that finally comes to full focus. It wasn’t just a dream anymore and E.S.G. Solutions was born, rising resiliently from the ashes of my dormant passion.

Right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the greatest challenges of our generations, I have chosen to “walk the talk” and turn adversity into opportunity, for real. To be loyal to that sense of purpose that makes you fulfilled every single time you go back to bed for what you have achieved during the day, even after the dullest day of all. I believe that you know what I mean, to have a purpose rather that to serve a purpose.

So, here I am World, launching a truly client-centric boutique consultancy which will give me and my Associates the privilege to offer our own expertise and experience in the market niche of operational Environmental, Social and corporate Governance matters.

I am not going to dwell here on our unique selling proposition, our qualifications or the details of our cutting-edge tools. If my sustainability consultant’s years have taught me anything, it is that we all have had enough of the established status-quo, with its greenwashing and the Profit-driven logics. I can just promise that we’re now here to dare, to innovate, to revolutionise. And you can trust us because is it for ourselves that we are going to do it, for our own families and for our own children: make this Planet a better place to live and to thrive IS our mission.

And as nobody is an island, just allow me to thank the vast professional network of like-minded experts in natural resources efficiency and sustainability, who share with me the same sense of responsibility, ethics, passion and ambition. I feel so proud and so grateful to be surrounded by such a tribe of fierce advocates of the triple bottom line!

Welcome to my next journey, a People’s business. It’s going to be amazing!

Do you want to join me?