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Digitalisation of our deliveries and alignment with the Industry 4.0, IoT, M2M and big data agendas are a top priority for us. So we employ cutting edge technology to provide our Clients with fully customised IT solutions for their businesses.

Automated Data Collection

OCR combined with modern machine learning techniques to read and extract key data points from utility invoices without the need for human interaction

Sustainability Reporting

A wide range of reporting available via export to enable users to reduce the reporting burden of both manadatory but also voluntary disclosures

Data Visualisation

Gain insights into your portfolios energy, water, waste and GHG trends, users can analyse seamlessly at both an asset level and portfolio level

Governance Documents

A governance document repository to help users maintain and keep track of policy, procedure and other important documents relating to the organisations governance

Etainabl | Data for a Zero Carbon Future

Cutting edge ESG data management software-as-a-service, designed to help your business achieve a Zero Carbon Future
  • Seamless Data Extraction
  • Powerful Features
  • Energy Analytics

Etainabl has developed a unique automatic data collection tool named Captur. Captur uses modern machine learning combined with AI to read and extract key data points from utility invoices without the need for human interaction.

This allows organisations to save large amounts of time which would otherwise be lost to manually collecting and extracting the data. Consequently, this enables Etainabl to offer a truly valuable user experience at a fraction of the cost of a traditional bureau service.

  • Paper and digital invoice extraction using AI
  • Automated supplier portal fetching
  • Easily import half hourly smart meter data

Start working with Etainabl to assist in ESG administration, help in the management of environmental risks, reduce costs, control fragmented reporting, and increase resilience within your organisation.

View and export energy costs and usage for both your individual assets, and entire portfolios.

  • Portfolio & Asset level reporting
  • Trends & filtering
  • Energy & GHG reporting

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