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Sustainability Consultant

E.S.G. Solutions is seeking a highly motivated and passionate sustainability consultant to join our boutique consultancy at a very exciting time, as we help international clients drive the integration of ESG in their businesses and deliver shaped change at all levels in their organisations and for this amazing planet.

You will be one of the first members of our growing team, reporting directly to the founder and the most senior staff, with many opportunities for professional and career growth within the business and our industry.

We are a truly client-centric business. No matter what. Clients allow us to exist and to deliver meaningful results. They engage us because we have a track record of finding solutions for them, not because we’re great at spotting problems that they weren’t aware of. Just keep this in mind and you’ll have filled 50% of the job specs below.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting clients with the definition, implementation and reporting of ESG and net-zero carbon strategies.
  • Collating and managing ESG data from owned and managed assets, ensuring consistency and completeness in line with mandatory and company requirements (e.g. legislative compliance, GHG reporting, etc.)
  • Providing technical advice on corporate-level and fund-level reporting and disclosure in line with GRI and other reporting schemes.
  • Managing submissions on behalf of clients in disclosure programmes such as GRESB and CDP.
  • Advising and facilitating organisations to cost effectively improve the sustainability performance of their operations and their ESG and net-zero carbon credentials.
  • Conduct research and investigation into industry trends, best practices and ESG topics.
  • Converting complex sustainability-related legislation into easy-to-understand set of actions and advising clients on the best value approach to mitigate any risk and future-proof their assets.
  • Produce clear, effective and creative documents, charts, infographics, graphs, presentations, reports and marketing pieces.

The successful candidate will:

  • Need to demonstrate a minimum of two years’ relevant experience in delivering sustainability-related corporate reporting projects, ideally in the real estate investment and asset management sector;
  • Be very familiar with the industry key frameworks and standards e.g. SBTi, TCFD, Net-zero, CREEM, GRI, EPRA, INREV (actually, we would recommend not applying for this specific position if you are not extremely familiar with these terms);
  • Have a strong work ethic with the ability to handle multiple time-sensitive priorities and excel in a fast-paced environment (many Clients approach us when it’s almost too late, need things done yesterday and this is fine with us, at least most of the times);
  • Work independently with little-to-no oversight on simple projects and identify and communicate issues before they become problems (please speak up and we’ll help you succeed);
  • Be able to propose solutions derived from scientific and social arguments rather than just relying on instructions;
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills, strong organisational and analytical skills;
  • Be accountable for completing work on time and support colleagues as required;
  • Provide efficient, timely, reliable and courteous service to customers;
  • Be fluent in English (ideally in a second language too) with excellent written and oral communication skills and outstanding attention to detail;
  • Develop subject matter expertise in a specific sector and/or service offering;
  • Show a high degree of initiative, proactiveness, drive, enthusiasm, energy and follow through;
  • Perform other duties as assigned;
  • Have visited Etainabl‘s website before the interview.

We want to create a diverse workforce which can bring a wider pool of talent and greater insight into the diverse needs of our clients. Having a degree in a relevant discipline would be ideal but we wouldn’t mind bumping into the next Mike Ross, so we left it out from the “desirables” for the time being.

The positions will be based in the UK and we promote not only remote working but also a highly flexible working culture, focused on delivering impactful results and reaching goals. We can offer a competitive salary and 25 days of annual leave per calendar year, on top of the national public holidays (i.e. 8 Bank Holidays). To be honest, we are not against giving you as many annual leave as you deserve, provided that the agreed targets and objectives are met.

Last but not least, timesheets are not allowed at E.S.G. Solutions. We’ve been there, what a waste of your time and ours! We simply encourage everybody to keep track of the good work and at our absolute discretion will be paying a bonus at the end of the financial year based on the annual performance of the individuals and the business as a whole.